Sri Lankan customer ordered 1x20ft HDG bolts for tap water pipes

In 2015, a customer from Sri Lanka sent an inquiry on Alibaba to buy hot-dip galvanized bolts with nuts and washers and stud bolts. This product is used in water pipes and is a demanding government project. Suppliers must have a 5S quality management system. Our company attaches great importance to this project, and we have provided many certificate documents and production workshops, testing equipment for testing, and finally our company has passed the qualification certification.
The certificates are as follows: ①Raw material ②Screw mechanical properties ③Hot-dip galvanizing test report ④SGS certificate
The client realizes that our company can accept the project and asks for a quotation. We considered several proposals, studied the raw material, production process, heat treatment and hot-dip galvanized surface, and finally calculated the price from the customer. Send the sample to the customer first, and the customer will pass it at one time. We have professional hot-dip galvanizing testing equipment, and the coating meets international standards; the nut should be reamed larger; because hot-dip galvanizing is different from other surface galvanizing, we have strict requirements for the factory.
The final customer's first order is 1X20FT, pay at sight. We strictly control the quality. Before delivery, customers need third party inspection. SGS successfully checked the order and delivered it successfully.