South American customers buy hot selling 3x30FT EPDM drilling screws

South American customers found us on Alibaba and wanted to buy drilling screws. They require low prices, good quality, many varieties, and small packages.
In response to these requirements, our company specializes in the production of drilling screws, which can control material costs and rapid prototyping production, heat treatment and galvanized surfaces are provided by our factory as a one-stop service, which can not only save costs, but also control quality. The customer's order was completed ahead of schedule, and the cooperation is very satisfactory. Our company specializes in the production of drilling screws. The material 1022A we use is produced by Shanghai Baosteel. The cold heading equipment we use is imported equipment, which can be formed at one time to ensure that each quality is 100% qualified. The process includes: cold heading, twisting, heat treatment, electroplating. However, considering that the specifications of this screw are relatively long and easy to bend after heat treatment, we used a bundle of 50 screws to prevent bending, and then heat treated. At the same time, we conduct a torque test on each batch of screws to ensure the mechanical properties of the screws.