Spanish customer orders high quality aluminum bolts, nuts and washers for electric towers

At the exhibition, a Spanish customer talked about the cooperation of aluminum screws, which is a power tower project.
2024 for the aluminum screws and bolts, 6061 for the nuts and 7075 for the spring washers. The bolt has a total transaction value of $1.2 million, but its material requirements are very demanding and its proportion of aluminum is very light. After many times of communication with the material factory and our R&D team, we originally wanted to build it at one time, but after countless times of cold heading, we all failed. Why? ①If aluminum has no hardness, it is relatively soft and cannot be cold forged; ②If the hardness of aluminum increases, it will crack when cold heading screws. Later, after many communications with a famous aluminum profile factory in Jiangsu, the process was changed to CNC machining of hexagonal rods. Nut 6061 is successfully cold headed once, then heat treated and anodized. The spring pad 7075 is also formed by cold heading and then anodized.