Solareast orders T-bolts for Sunrain solar water heaters

A guest called our company and asked about our production experience, machines and testing equipment, do you provide water heater accessories? Our company has exactly such experience, we cooperate with famous Italian companies and show some product photos for checking.
Guests are more confident to cooperate. In particular, there is a kind of T-shaped screw, which has high requirements on materials, otherwise there will be cracks in the head during the production process, so we must use good materials imported from Taiwan. Our company does its best to obtain materials, but the cost is high, so we need to reduce the cost by reducing the production process and one-time molding, requiring that the machine should be multi-station, and the mold should be combined precisely.
This is a non-standard screw, we take it seriously, summarize and analyze. First, open the grinding tool at the porous position, shrink the tail on the back, and cold-head once at the porous position. The second is material selection. We use 1008 materials for heat treatment and surface carbon generation. Third, we spot-checked 50 pieces of each batch number and tracked the whole process. Finally, we use a screening system to strictly screen the product quality.
Our engineer researched for a month and finally bought a multi-station machine for production. The sample processing is flat, the size is accurate, and the surface is flat, which reduces the cost. The customer is very satisfied and directly arranges long-term order purchases.