Korean company purchases non-standard stainless steel washers

The customer found our company through the official video website and sent an inquiry to buy gaskets. The content is simple but sincere, the product requirements are detailed, the quantity is accurate, and the contact information is also left. My answer is to ask where is this product used? How accurate are product usage and dimensional tolerances? What about materials and surfaces? Have you bought in China before? Customer response is prompt, but not comprehensive. I discuss with customers every day, and customers reply one by one. After 10 days of communication, I learned that this is a new project arrangement and new product development. After researching with the technical department, I quote to the customer, the quantity is 3000 sets. The price was once confirmed as ok, but samples should be provided first. The customer agrees to pay the mold fee and sign the sample list contract. After a week of hard work, we received the mold.